About us

In 2004 Puro Hotel was born in Palma de Mallorca, a concept based on the high quality of service, luxuriously bohemian and nomadic style for the most demanding guests. We want to offer the best to the Friends of Puro, that is why we thought of a private beach, an oasis of happiness in which experience was the key and the history of Purobeach began, gastronomy based on a global concept, our own musical sign, treatments wellness and of course fashion, Puro Shop.




In our mission to offer unique experiences, we take pride in presenting our exclusive collections: one-of-a-kind pieces in limited quantities, designed to accompany you on a full day of PURO inspiration.

Our commitment to the environment is paramount. Therefore, our clothing is manufactured in Spain or Portugal using vegetable dyes and minimizing transportation.

We strive to create inclusive, gender-neutral fashion, offering one-size-fits-all whenever possible. We want you to breathe life into each garment with your unique style. Timeless designs that endure beyond trends.


We currently have five physical stores spread between Spain, Portugal and Italy: Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas (both in Mallorca), Purobeach Menorca (Balearic islands) Purobeach Barcelona, Purobeach Vilamoura (Portugal) and the new ones this year Purobeach Portopiccolo (Italy).

You can also find a selection of garments at our hotels in Mallorca, Palacio Can Marqués, Purohotels, and Sauló by Purobeach.

Stay tuned because soon there will be new openings. To reach all of you, nomads, we created online sales through Shopify, now at home you can experience a piece of the soul of Purobeach.